V3: 20/03/23

Free Ecofurb Plan service delivered by Parity Projects Ltd on behalf of Hammersmith & Fulham Council (H&F Council). 

These terms and conditions form an agreement between the resident and Parity Projects Ltd.


1 The Service is the Whole House Plan Service (“Service”) laid out in Part 2 of this document.

2 The Consultants who provide the Service will be competent persons who have sufficient knowledge and are suitably qualified to carry out and provide the Service. The consultants are employed or engaged by Parity Projects Ltd.

Please note that the term “Survey” referred to in these terms are not a Building Survey and therefore the Whole House Plan will not report on the condition of the fabric or structure of the building being surveyed. If you require a building survey it is advised that a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, who is competent to survey, value and report upon the property is engaged.

3 Unforeseen Structures/Incorrect Information. The success of the Service is dependent on the information gathered during the survey and provided by the client. Where it is not possible to obtain access to a part of the property, then assumptions will be made on the construction of the parts that cannot be accessed based on the Consultant’s knowledge and experience as well as information provided by the client. No liability will be accepted for the assumptions made or the information provided by the client.

4 The Consultant will not proceed with the provision of the Service (and will so report promptly to the client) if, after arriving at the Property, the Consultant concludes that it is of a type of construction of which the Consultant has insufficient knowledge to be able to provide the Service satisfactorily.

5 Liability. The Plan provided is solely for the use of the client and no liability to anyone else is accepted. We are not liable for design or installation work completed as a result of the advice from this document.

6 Independence. RetrofitWorks and Parity Projects are financially independent of suppliers and manufacturers. In general brand names are not included in the plan. 


A       The Service

A1 The Whole House Plan Service comprises:

  • a Survey of the property (Section B);
  • a Plan based on the Survey (Section C);
  • a 30 minute follow-up call

A2 The Consultant’s main objective in the provision of the Service is to give the client a complete plan that sets out a route for achieving environmental or energy efficiency gains by improving their property through:

  • identifying areas of the property where significant improvements can be made to reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions by employing energy saving systems and equipment such as the installation of insulation, heating and energy generating equipment.
  • advising on the latest systems and materials (typically non branded) that are available in the market and the estimated cost of installation.
  • ranking the options available to the client to support the client in making decisions.

B The Survey

B1 The survey is a general surface examination of those parts of the Property which are accessible. Access is defined as visible and readily available for examination from ground and floor levels, without risk of causing damage to the property or injury to the Consultant.

Due care is therefore exercised throughout the survey regarding safety, practicality, and the constraints of being a visitor to the Property (which may be occupied). So, furniture, floor coverings and other contents are not moved or lifted. In advance of the survey, the client is welcome to provide inspection holes etc in various parts of their house at their own risk e.g. removing recessed spotlights to allow visibility behind, cutting section of plasterboard out of sloping roof areas and lifting floorboards.

B2 The services are inspected (in the case of flats the public areas outside of the property are excluded), and an assessment of the efficiency of electric, and heating installations is made.

B3 Where necessary, parts of the survey are made from adjoining public property. Leisure facilities and outbuildings are not included. Clients wishing 

to review multiple buildings should contact us to review more appropriate service options.    

C The Plan

C1 The plan will provide the client with sufficient information to enable informed decisions on the use of their property, the installation of efficient heating and electric systems and insulation that will reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. The plan will set out:

  • Recommendations to the property that will achieve savings for a range of different costs.
  • Appropriate renewable technologies and calculations of their savings and potential revenues.
  • As there are an inexhaustive number of potential interventions, we will use our judgment, along with information particular to the client, to evaluate a finite number of appropriate measures for the situation.
  • All measures evaluated should not be seen as recommendations, in actual fact some measures may be evaluated to show that they are either suboptimal or in some circumstances detrimental in terms of cost or CO2.

C2 The Plan is in a standard format arranged in the following sequence: 

  • Introduction.
  • Energy use and CO2 emission of your property.
  • Bespoke recommendation packages.
  • Details of evaluated measures
  • General information.

D Information and Access to be provided by the client 

D1 The following whilst not required, should be made available on the agreed date of the survey to be most effective:

  • Access to loft or other roof voids (if applicable).
  • Access to boiler and other major components of the heating system (tanks, timers, valves etc.).


1.1  To be eligible for a free Ecofurb Plan you should meet the following criteria: 

  • Own a property in the London borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. 
  • Intend to install energy efficiency improvements and to pay for some or all of these works with funds other than government installation grants. You will not be asked to provide proof, but the information given in your application about your plans to retrofit may help to decide whether a free plan is awarded. 
  • Have completed all required questions in the application form or send in a postal application.

1.2   It is possible that not all eligible applicants will receive a free Ecofurb Plan. Allocation will be according to the eligibility criteria above and on a first come first served basis. 

1.3  Data on ethnicity is collected to help us understand whether our marketing is reaching people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, but is not used for allocation.

2.1  We cannot give any indication of the date before which you will receive the free Ecofurb Plan.

2.2  If your application is successful, the Consultant will contact you to arrange a home survey. After you receive your Ecofurb Plan, the Consultant will contact you to arrange a 30 minute follow up call. If the attempts itemised below are not successful, and Parity Projects and/or the Consultant does not hear from you again before 31 October 2022, your application may become void.

  • Three attempts to contact you by email, if you have provided your email address in your application
  • Three attempts to contact you by phone, if you have provided a phone number in your application

2.3  Home surveys are carried out in person by The Consultant. Appointments are within the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You may request a time outside these hours but there is no guarantee it will be granted. The Consultant will offer an appointment time. If the appointment time offered is not convenient at least two alternative dates can be offered. If you don’t agree to one of these appointment times your application may become void. If an application that is received after 30 November 2022 is successful there may be less than three dates offered.

2.4  If you need to postpone your appointment, you must give 2 working days’ notice. If you postpone your appointment more than twice, we are under no obligation to offer a new date and your application may become void. If you postpone an appointment set for after 30 November 2022, while we will attempt to find a new date, this cannot be guaranteed.

3.1  After the H&F Council free Ecofurb Plan service is completed, if you decide to engage Ecofurb to carry out a building performance requirement report or other services, you will be entering into a contract with RetrofitWorks and personal data will be held on this basis.  

3.2  If you don’t engage Ecofurb to carry out any further services, we will contact you after about three months to ask for feedback and to ask how you have used your plan. Your responses to this survey do not have an effect on your entitlement to your free Ecofurb Plan or any future offer. 

4.1  If you have a complaint, please contact Parity Projects josie.evetts@parityprojects.com . Parity Projects will provide H&F Council with data on the type of any complaint received. If a complaint is received, Parity Projects will make efforts to resolve complaints. In some cases, the complaint will be passed to H&F Council to resolve.