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01 Understand the options

Explore your Ecofurb Options for free and submit them if you want help with next steps.

The Options are tailored to your home from our library of 2,000+ costed measures.

Find out what could suit your home with our free online tool, which tests thousands of options and their costs and benefits. If you want to proceed with an Ecofurb Plan, we will ask you to answer some questions about your home and your project, and schedule an in-person Home Survey. Book and pay for your Ecofurb Plan now by calling 0330 223 4351.

02 Understand the detail

Your Retrofit Coordinator will work with you to prepare an Ecofurb Plan that outlines requirements for the energy efficiency works you want to carry out, meaning you’re well informed when you speak to contractors.

We will survey your home to ensure we recommend solutions that are tailored for your home and your budget. For older or larger homes, or more complex projects, we have a range of options to support detailed advice, including:

  • Architectural Plans
  • Drone Roof Check
  • Technical Design for Heat Pumps (additional charge)

We will also ask you to complete a questionnaire to understand your needs. This includes information we need to complete a grant eligibility check, and questions that will pick up insights not visible to our home surveyor. This information will help us further tailor your Plan.

Next, we prepare a detailed Ecofurb Plan. This makes it easy to see the likely costs of improvements and which ones will have the biggest impact on carbon emissions and bills. There is a 30 min follow up call to answer your questions.

03 Put it into practice

Depending on the measures you would like to install, we can connect you with vetted contractors, or you can take the plan and commission your own works.

Depending on the measures you would like to install, we will get a free quote from a vetted installer on your behalf. We’ll check it to ensure it has the detail you need to make an informed decision.


Knowing where to start can be tricky. Ecofurb brings you over fifteen years’ experience delivering award-winning home energy advice.

Start your Ecofurb journey with our free online advice service. If you then want more tailored advice and support, submit your wishlist and we’ll schedule an in-person home survey.

Green Finance

Ecofurb will help you get a good deal for doing the green thing. 

  • We will check your eligibility for grants, and our service meets Government funding requirements 
  • If you are referred from a lender, we can meet their assurance and carbon-reporting requirements  
  • If you are unsure how to finance the works, we offer free, independent financial advice for mortgages, equity release and relevant home improvement loans


“All the information was extremely helpful and contributed towards making the right decisions with regard to refurbishing my old Victorian house and reducing energy bills in a more environmentally friendly way. I particularly like the phases outlined in order of importance and easiest to implement. Ben was available to chat on the phone afterwards to explain a few things in more detail… …It also included measures suitable for the age and type of property … and what materials to use… …I have recommended your service to others who are unsure about the most environmentally friendly improvements to their homes. I found the experience very helpful and informative.”

– Mandy, Finsbury Park

“Thanks a lot, I found the survey and the ability to talk to Ian – a real expert – very helpful.”

– Kirsty, Peckham

“It was all useful as an overall assessment of things I half knew but was unsure about – especially the order of priority/effectiveness of which things would provide more bang for the buck.”

– James, Stratford

“The service has been very useful in focusing future and long term
plans and the report is a great help in guiding discussions with my neighbour
about solar energy options and external wall insulation. Many thanks for your help.”

– Cathy, Walthamstow


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1990s detached house, South Croydon

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