Plan your energy efficiency home upgrade

Our independent and expert energy efficiency advice service is now available across mainland Great Britain.

Order an Ecofurb Plan now to get quality assured retrofit advice tailored to your home, your priorities and your budget.

Or try before you buy, by using our free online advice service to see what measures could suit your home.


What do you get with an Ecofurb Plan?

Step 1: We will send you a Homeowner Survey and a qualified Retrofit Assessor will visit your home to undertake a Home Survey:

Survey your home, with measurements and photographs, including drone photography to check roofs and eaves, and 360° imagery to support detailed advice.

Carry out an appraisal of your home’s heritage and architectural features – to make sure we only recommend measures suitable for the fabric of the building, and won’t lead to more problems than you’ve solved!

Identify any defects and structural issues, including damp and mould, so we can identify how energy efficiency and ventilation could help, or how issues could affect retrofit plans.

Determine the construction and condition of your home, so we understand how easy it is to heat, and how we can make it easier and cleaner to heat through a mix of insulation and low carbon heating.

Identify any energy efficiency measures already installed so we don’t recommend works you have already completed. If you have detail on their performance, we can use that data.

Identify constraints on the building that may prevent particular energy efficiency measures or low carbon heating options being installed

Step 2: One of our Retrofit Co-ordinators will collate and analyse all the information provided by the Surveys.

They will prepare an Ecofurb Plan for your home upgrade which takes into account your budget, your priorities, and all the relevant options for your home.

Crucially, they’ll also recommend in what order each measure should be installed, so you can plan work over time without the risk of having to rework early installations.

Finally, the Retrofit Coordinator will offer you a consultation to talk through the detail, so you have a Plan you are confident will deliver on your energy efficiency goals.

It's a retrofit plan with extras

The Ecofurb Plan is based on the most in-depth data collection and assessment on the market.

Because of the quality of the information we collect, the resulting Plan includes much more of the information that installers need to quote for work on your property – this saves them and you time later in the project.

It includes:

  • 360° imagery to give the full picture and avoid multiple visits by installers
  • Architectural elevations to improve the tailoring of advice and quotes to the details of your home
  • Drone footage to check roof condition for solar panels and external wall insulation.

Order your Ecofurb Plan

To order your Plan, fill in the form via the link below and make the payment and we will be in touch within five working days to organise your Retrofit Assessor to visit at a time convenient for you.

The survey will take about two hours, and the booking team will talk you through what you need to do to prepare for the Home Survey.

We will also send you a Homeowner Survey to understand more about your priorities and your home.

Once the surveys are complete, and passed our quality control, we’ll introduce you to one of our Retrofit Coordinators who will provide you with your Plan.

Order now to take up our “Early Bird” offer of £470 per Plan.