We are looking for quality contractors

We would be interested in talking to excellent new installers, general builders, electricians, architects, retrofit coordinators and others who would like to be involved in domestic retrofit. RetrofitWorks delivers a number of grant and non-grant funded schemes and projects nationally and so membership is a great option for good contractors wanting to access more work. 

Most of our professionals are TrustMark registered: we can help you with the paperwork to get you started. Working as a member, you will have access to a network of other professionals, marketing, quality assurance services, retrofit coordination, support with health and safety and more.

The opportunity to work with Ecofurb has been a pleasure and a great experience. It is a well run business driven by an energetic and enthusiastic team. The collaboration has been excellent and we look forward to our next project together.

Eksalta Windows and Doors

We enjoy working with Ecofurb as all of the projects are viable leads, where the client has been made aware of the extent of works needed to be carried out… which allows us to remain competitive with our quotes.  The scheme has the same targets and goals as our business. We are here to install correctly, maintain quality and to protect the customer through the whole process.  Ecofurb provides valuable input and ensures that each job is completed to the highest standard, which gives the clients more confidence in the whole process. 


To have a chat and ask any questions,  get in touch with Megan:

Tel: 0330 123 1334

Or for further information and to become a member visit RetrofitWorks.